Inspiring and motivating through education, empowerment, and evolution

I work in flow.

There is a methodology to my signature structure of practice. I will guide you, providing support every step of the way. 

This is a journey from education to evolution. I will create space for you to tell me your story, share your experiences, and express what you need. I will put the complex pieces of your puzzle together and connect the dots, giving you a picture of what is happening, why, and the direction of the best path forward. We will work together toward your wellness goals, and I will provide you with the tools you need to achieve long-term wellness. 

I’m born and raised in Toronto, but you can work with me from anywhere. You can find me online globally for virtual telemedicine sessions via phone or video. I also offer mobile in-person sessions for those in Toronto at your home or office.

This is wellness that suits your lifestyle.

Part of my role is to set an example, which is why I live and breathe the wellness world. I embody lifestyle medicine at my core, and have a commitment to long-term wellness and believe in longevity with good health.​​​

– Dr. Bianca Drennan, BSc, ND


1. EDUCATION SESSION (75 minutes)

This is an initial information gathering visit - you will teach me about who you are, what speaks to you, and your health concerns. I will provide education along the way. We will explore all aspects of your health and wellness, and set goals for your journey with me.​


Treatment begins. After our education session, I will create an individualized plan aimed at your long-term wellness. This is when I give you the tools you need to take action. I will share the what, when, why, and how each recommendation so that you feel empowered to play an active role in your long-term wellness.

3. EVOLUTION SESSION (30-45 minutes)

These are follow-up sessions to monitor progress, safety, and efficacy of your individualized plan. They also serve as an opportunity for you to express any changes or updates to your situation or goals, and ask questions. I want to ensure that you are doing as well as you can be, and that you continue to evolve in the direction of optimal wellness.​


Acupuncture sessions nurture and nourish the smooth flow of physical, mental, and emotional energy that bring balance to your overall well-being. These are gentle, yet effective healing sessions that are individualized to your specific needs. ​


These sessions treat the physical, mental, and emotional signs of aging. They are stimulating, relaxing, toning, and enhancing, to improve the overall appearance of your skin to empower you to be the most confident expression of yourself.


This is an optional and free opportunity to determine our fitability. They allow us the space to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions about what is coming up for you. They're designed to provide some clarity and comfort for you, and identify how we can work together toward your optimal wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re booking a complimentary care call, you can expect me to call you at the time you’ve chosen. We’ll chat for about 20 minutes as you tell me a bit about yourself, your story, what you’re looking for, and ask questions. I will do my best to address everything you bring up. At the end of the call, we’ll make a decision together if we’re a good fit for each other. If so, then we’ll move forward to book your initial education session and start our journey together. However, if you prefer to take some time to think about our call before booking, that is absolutely within your power. 

If you’re booking an initial education session, I will spend a lot of time asking questions, actively listening, and understanding. My goal is to create the most wholistic picture of who you are and what is coming up for you. You will feel heard, you will feel valued, and you will end the session having gained knowledge and insight.

You have the option to book this initial education session as an in-person or telemedicine visit (phone or video). You do not have to stick with the same option throughout your time working with me, unless you are located outside of Toronto. 

Regardless of the type of session you initially book for, you will receive a confirmation email that invites you to fill out a short lifestyle wellness questionnaire. This is to give me a little glimpse into your life and allows me to better prepare for our first session. 

I also outline all of these items and what the journey with me looks like at the beginning of our education session together. 

Do note that while you can certainly book your own sessions, I am also happy to do so for you. If you do not see a day or time that you’d like, feel free to reach out to me as I may have the ability to move things around or open time slots. 

Not necessarily. But, if you have any recent laboratory blood results, ultrasounds, X-rays, or other diagnostic material, it would be helpful to have those handy. These can be emailed to me ahead of our initial session, or sent afterwards. In addition, knowing the names or brands of any medication or supplements you might be taking also helps to clarify things and allows me to provide even more individualized care. 

Depends. How often we connect depends on your treatment plan, your health concerns, and your needs. In most cases, you’ll work with me more frequently for the first few sessions, before they become more spaced out. Ideally, you will enter a maintenance phase of having regular, but not necessarily as frequent check-ins with me. However, this truly depends on where we are in your journey, your progress, if we need to trouble shoot, and if new concerns arise. 

People often think that if they do not follow my recommendations or if something is not working that they should cancel or reschedule their session with me. BUT, these are the situations where it is even more important to check-in with me. These are opportunities to share what is working or not working, and why or why not. These are opportunities for us to re-evaluate and determine if changes need to be made or what extra support you may need. Ignoring the problem will not make it better.

Your sessions with me are judgement-free, so never be ashamed to be honest and open about difficulties you may be having or changes to your situation. 

Optimizing your wellness is an investment in your present and your future. I always say, “invest now or pay later.” Choosing to see a highly educated, well-informed, clinically experienced professional is a valuable investment in your time and money. It is a conscious choice and priority. 

However, I do recognize and appreciate that everyone is at a different financial place. I believe wellness should be accessible to as many people as possible. BUT, you have to actively value it as well. If we’re both on the same page, then we can truly achieve optimal wellness together. 

I try to be as cost effective and cost efficient as possible. I value your time, your money, and your dedication. During each session I maximize the time we have together so that you can get the most bang for your buck. My recommendations for treatment always focus on foundational concepts like solid nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and community engagement. I recommend as much as I can that is least invasive and most cost effective. I only get fancy when I have to get fancy.

I am also available via email to answer questions between sessions regarding your treatment or something we talked about. I’ll do my best to answer what is possible and ethical this way. If at any point I determine that an actual session is necessary due to the nature of the questions, I will make that recommendation. Either way, I am here to support you the whole way. 

Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Acupuncture are not covered by government health plans (ie. OHIP). However, most extended benefit plans will cover some or all of these services. If you are not sure, check with your benefits plan to determine what kind of coverage you have and what is included. 

I do not directly bill to insurance companies, this is something you will do yourself after our sessions. After our session, you will be charged electronically for the visit and you will receive an electronic receipt immediately. This receipt will have all the necessary information that an insurance company requires for you to submit a claim. 

Please note that I will not back or future date receipts in order to accommodate any specific insurance requests. In addition, I will not change the type of session we have to achieve the same goal. This is considered fraud and places my medical license at risk, so I ask that you please respect this rule. 

other questions?


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