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I invite you to join me as I share my expertise and passion through digital content, with the goal of building an informed, empowered, wellness community. 

Once a month, you will receive a digital newsletter written by me covering four pillars of health: how we can HEAL, how we can feed and NOURISH ourselves, how we can MOVE sustainably, and how we can LIVE and exist more optimally. Newsletters will be delivered to your inbox at the end of each month, with frequent bonus content available either directly through the newsletter or via the member page that you will have access to after subscribing. 

I’ll explore various topics in wellness, both new and old, through the lens of an informed and experienced health professional, as well as a human moving through the world like each of you.

Over the course of a year, you’ll invest less than the cost of one session with me.

Pivotal wellness strategies, delivered to your inbox

This newsletter and digital platform is designed for you, by me, with an intention of supporting you in a sustainable and accessible way. This resource is here to help you cultivate a deep foundation of knowledge for yourself and those around you. 

I welcome input and requests from you. This is a community built on an unbiased and healthy conversation of wellness, one in which you are encouraged to actively participate in. You’ll notice that each newsletter and digital resource is written in a casual, non-intimidating, un-stuffy way. I write as though I am having a conversation in real life with you, because that feels most authentic to me. If you feel called to share feedback with me, please do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch via email.

There’s an opportunity for you to get to know me (and me, you) and my approach to medicine and wellness through these digital resources. They are not meant to serve as a rigid guide to follow, as we are each individual with complex needs. If or when you feel like you need a more specific and individualized deep dive into your health concerns or goals, please reach out to book a one-on-one session with me. Remember that I am also here for you outside of this digital space.

Whether you’re just beginning your wellness journey, or you’re an experienced wellness junkie, or you’re totally confused by the overwhelming amount of information out there, this subscription is something you can begin or build on. Regardless if you’re a patient of mine or not, my aim is the same: to equip you with a wealth of informed knowledge, actionable tools, and effective strategies that sustainably impact how you move and shift through the world. 

The Four Pillars


Discussions about various and relevant medical and health conditions/topics, approaches and treatments to care, and safe recommendations for the public.   


Nutrition guidance, commentary on research or trends, cooking tips, and an original recipe by me (and occasionally one inspired by my favourite cooks and chefs).


How we should sustainably move our bodies long term, exercising in a way that considers our health status, medical conditions, and mental/emotional/physical state.


Understanding how our environments, relationships, choices, and behaviours impact how we experience life and our risk factors for chronic disease – including tools to support you.

What To Expect

A once monthly, digital newsletter focused on how to support your overall wellness in an evidence-based, holistic way.

Bonus content (links, videos, extra recipes, products, articles, guided classes) accessible on the members area page via your member login.

Access to all historical newsletters (over 2 years worth) on the members area page via your member login.

Well-being practices, breathwork exercises, movement recommendations, health and home product ideas (99% unsponsored), recipes, cooking and meal tips, guidance on supplements and bloodwork, Q&As, new research and treatments, reflection prompts, background information on medical topics and how to approach them, mental/physical/emotional health support

An authentic, sustainable, and accessible approach to optimizing your health and performance from an educated, informed, experienced, and trusted source (me!). 

Subscription Investment

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$8 CAD/per month

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Annual Subscription

$96 CAD/per year

less than the cost of one session with me

Building a uniquely informed and empowered wellness community based on innovative, transformative care

For a moderate and sustainable fee, I share insights in wellness based on trustworthy evidence, clinical experience, and continuing education.