Extra guidance to support your wellness

Healthy at Home 7 Day Meal Plan

Feel motivated and inspired by this curated and elevated 7 day meal plan to eat well, feel well, and be well. This 23 page plan provides structure, guidance, and support in cooking adaptable flexitarian, dairy/gluten/grain/refined sugar free recipes.

Nourish yourself, your family, and your friends with these exciting, homemade meals. Keep your weight in check, your energy boosted, your immune system supported, and your digestion ticking with the support and structure of this 7 day meal plan. Eat well, feel well, and be well. I want you to stay healthy at home.

For $47 you’ll receive:

  • A 23 page, 7 day meal plan
  • Shopping list for all items
  • Creative, original recipes (developed by me)
  • Adaptable flexitarian recipes made with meat, fish, eggs, and legumes that can be adapted
  • Recipes are dairy, gluten, grain, and refined sugar free
  • Healthy eating tips

Healthy at Home Online Wellness Program

Refine your wellness game, build on your health knowledge, and learn what you can do to stay healthy at home. This program covers the major components of health and provides tips and tools to support your wellness right now. 

Restore your body, amplify your diet, improve your energy, manage your stress, and support your immune system in this complete instructional guide that features reading, video, and live material.

For $97 you’ll receive:

  • 5 recorded video sessions each focusing on a specific component of health
  • 1 FREE one on one LIVE Q&A session with me 
  • My Healthy At Home 7 Day Meal Plan as a BONUS 
  • The Ultimate Healthy At Home Handbook
  • Easy online delivery, go at your own pace
  • Informed, evidence-based education 
  • Tips, checklists, guidelines, tools
  • Practical, sustainable, and effective methods to support your health and wellness