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Start Fresh: Detox 101 + 10 At-Home Tips

Warmer seasons are an ideal time to freshen up, or as many like to call it, “detox”. From an eastern medicine perspective, detoxification is generally recommended only in warmer times, usually at the beginning of the spring and fall. So September is PERFECT timing to learn ways to detox at home. Detoxes are often assumed to be restrictive, drastic, and sometimes […]


Foundational Four Smoothie Rules

Not all smoothies are created equal. The best-for-you smoothies are those that are nutrient dense and properly combined, without being calorie or sugar bombs. To guide you, I came up with my Foundational Four rules to build a better balanced smoothie. Mix and match from each category with any additional fun flavourings (like spices, vanilla, cacao) and you’ll build a […]


Chocolate Berry Smoothie

Smoothies are my favourite to get a lot of nutrients in quickly, easily, and deliciously. You can pack smoothies with tons of superfoods and you can tailor them to your tastes. However, smoothies can also be a huge culprit for hidden sugars and calories, especially if you are buying one from a store or restaurant chain. That’s why I recommend […]


Immune System Check-Up

It is incredibly important to support our immune systems at all times to prevent infection or illness. Daily immune maintenance should be part of a healthy routine to ensure the body’s is resilient to constant change. If you are feeling run down, burnt out, foggy, low, sick, and generally unwell, your immune system likely needs a recharge. Busy schedules, poor food […]